Carpets & Rugs

Residential & Commercial - specializing in both residential and commercial properties, from plush home carpeting to industrial grade floor coverings

Total HG Sanitizer - only sanitizer recognized by the Carpet and Rug Institute. Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in carpets.

Allergen Reduction - HEPA filtration vaccums reduces dirt, dust and allergens in carpets

12-Step Process - unique process that leave no residue or soap on carpet fibers

Deodorizing Properties - remove odors from carpets including pet odors

We recommend that you remove small decorative items and lamps from tables before our arrival. We will move most furniture, except extremely heavy items.

Upholstery & Drapes

Draperies - Just like carpeting, draperies collect dirt, dust and allergens over time. And while they don’t get soiled like floor coverings, they can contribute to asthma and allergies. 

When you let CleanBeyond clean your drapes, it saves all the hassle of removing and rehanging them and you avoid the prominent creases that occur when your dry cleaner folds them on hangers.

Upholstered Furniture - upholstery harbors dirt, dust and allergens, even microbes and mites... just like carpets. And, asthma and allergies can be aggravated by dirty, dusty upholstery.

CleanBeyond can incorporate the sanitizing and deodorizing step we apply to carpets, to leave your furnishings cleaner and smelling fresher. And we can finish with a protectant that will keep fabrics looking cleaner longer, as cloth resists dirt and spots.

A fast and extremely effective way to disinfect any interior space is to apply a Disinfecting Spray & Odor Eliminating Spray Treatment. Because the droplets are electrically charged, they attract to surfaces instead of drifting away or falling to the floor area. When applied, it is proven to kill 99.999% of most viruses and bacteria including but not limited to MRSA, Norovirus, E. coli, Salmonella enterica, Staphylococcus aureus, Legionella pneumophilia, Aspergillus niger.  The products we use are non-corrosive, safe for children and pets, and will not stain paint, wood or fabrics.

Disinfection & Deodorizing

Air Purifying Window Treatment

Photocatalytic Air Purification - CleanBeyond can treat your windows with a self-cleaning air purifier that reduces grime, odors and VOCs in interior spaces... all with the power of sunlight.  As air circulates the room, any pet, smoke, food or human malodors are oxidized at the molecular level; leaving interior air smelling fresh and healthy. Unlike sprays and candles, one safe, sustainable application works wonders for months. Perfect for homes, schools, hotels, office buildings and vehicle interiors.

HVAC Mold & Allergens

Improve Your Air Quality - If you could take a look through the HVAC ducts running through your home or business, you’d be surprised what collects in there over time. Even if you regularly change your air filters.

Dust, dirt, allergens and mold collect in the passages and simply recirculate through the air. A periodic, thorough allergen-reducing and mold-killing spray will keep your interior air healthier. Our Electrostatic Spray Treatment, directed at your ventilation system, kills lingering mold and mildew. AND, it totally eliminates odors that linger in your ducts.

Power Washing

From pool side to decks - let us power wash surfaces that have aged or gathered dirt, scum and algae. Add new life to wood decks, concrete pool decking, driveways, sidewalks, aluminum siding and more.